The hypnosis session with Monika was a profound experience.  I have visited chapters of my life which held hidden deep trauma. These feelings were soothed and balanced. The muscle tension in my body which I often felt at school was released and is permanently gone.  I am very happy with the results of my hypnosis session and looking forward to working with Monika again.

                                                                                                 M.Y., Petaluma, CA

Working with Monika was an absolute pleasure. She gracefully guided me to places within myself I had not accessed before. Our bodies are gateways to deep self-knowledge and she beautifully guides you to this gateway. By choosing to enter I was led to a greater understandings about my spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical life. I learned things about my diet and what I needed more and less of. I learned a lot about my relationship to this world and how I choose to relate to it. Monika was instrumental for me to see my life in new ways and helping me to move from old negating habits to ones that serve my life and the people around me. Since the session with her I've had a whole new outlook on life and many issues I used to struggle with have faded away. I highly recommend working with Monika for anyone who is even slightly curious about her work.

Rob U., San Francisco, CA

I was a bit nervous about hypnosis having never experienced it before. I was also still healing from a long breakdown and having challenges with trust. But Monika has such a pure heart, gentle manner and soothing voice that she made me feel very safe and protected during the session. This allowed me to relax and embark on a deep inner journey to better understanding myself. She is highly intuitive and seems to know exactly how to guide you into your subconscious to access what is most essential for your personal growth and well being. She is a truly gifted hypnotherapist and healer. 

Allison V., San Francisco, CA




Monika has the healing touch! With her kind and gentle approach she helped me tap into a deeper part of myself, helping me to see things I was unable to see before. She made me feel comfortable and safe which is key when going into a hypnotic state in order to obtain optimal results. I highly recommend her if you have been wanting to try this method of healing. You won't regret it!

Alva V., Oakland, CA




This session was an important turning point in that it opened me up to truths that I needed to  remember but that my conscious mind had buried.  Monika was such a warm and caring person that I immediately felt I could relax around her and share things I wouldn't normally feel comfortable sharing. There was no feeling of being rushed at any time during our long session which I really appreciated.  Her soothing calming voice helped get me into a relaxed state of mind quickly as I was led on my inner journey.  I would definitely recommend Monika and QHHT method  to anyone looking to find answers not available to the conscious mind.

A. Brown., Sebastopol, CA




Monika works in a fascinating and mysterious realm --past and in between lives. The three hour session flew by in a play of deep relaxation, travel, and learning. I left feeling and continue to feel more integrated with all my parts, past and higher. Such insights! Monika herself is so calm, curious, and insightful --her manner put me completely at ease and made the entire experience a pleasure. Thank you!

D.P., Sausalito, CA




The hypnotherapy session you gave me continues to ripple out in wondrous ways.  Thank you deeply.  Since our time together, I have been able to connect seemingly disparate threads from my life, a gift I treasure.  Each moment I have had any difficulty, the certainty that I chose this life is helping to shift my fear into calm acceptance of the present, with curiosity about how things will unfold.  Wow!

Elise Y., Oakland, CA



Dear Monika, Thank you very much for sending me the recording of my QHHT regression. I am still processing the information I received. One of the results of the session is that I have so much more confidence in my subconscious or "higher self". It is as if my subconscious has found its voice... Thank you for being there and making yourself available for doing this important work.

M.M., Mill Valley, CA



Monika was an absolute delight to work with throughout this process.  She is open, caring, considerate, and genuinely invested in helping you find the answers you are searching for.  There are a lot of unknowns going into a session like this, and she was very patient and accommodating with all questions and concerns. What I was able to connect with and learn during my session has been invaluable in understanding where I come from, how my life has taken shape so far, and where it can continue leading to within my life purpose. I am deeply grateful for her services and highly recommend them. 

E.B., Sausalito, CA


Monika's soft voice, keen intuition, and kind demeanor make it easy for you to relax and allow the hypnosis session to happen. I am still learning valuable lessons from the fascinating QHHT session I had with her over 3 months ago. Monika is so helpful, sweet and supportive - a fantastic hypnotherapist, highly recommended!

Margaret, San Francisco, CA

I truly recommend to anyone who is open to it to do a past life regression. I have done two sessions and felt they have both highly impacted my outlook on life and how I feel on a very deep level. It is all in your control because you are asking the most subconscious level of yourself what you can learn from previous life experiences. There is no need to be scared of yourself! My advice is to really think about what could really benefit you before the session. What answers do you really want for yourself? Focus on that and truly set your intentions, and you will really get a lot out of past life regression. Personally, I had trouble with back pain, horrible night terrors, and not getting along with people, and past life regression helped me understand these issues and helped me overcome them. It may sound cliche, but I don’t have any of these issues anymore because of the past life work I did. I tried everything to cure my back pain and nightmares, and absolutely nothing worked. All these types  of problems really originate within yourself and only you can heal yourself and decide you want to be healed. 

Audrey, Mountain View, CA

The QHHT experience was profound, interesting, and deep.  I did not know what to expect but was able to respond in the moment with Monika's gentle guidance.  She was patient with me which helped me to relax.  In the session, I spent time with the part of me that is calm and knows just what I am doing and why, in this lifetime.  The experience that I had  has helped to serve as a framework for how to understand some areas of my life which previously had been confusing for me.  After the session, I launched into a new direction with a firmer confidence in the goodness and support from the energies of my guides and angels.  The experience of QHHT has unfolded a path for expressing more of my true self.  Thank you, Monika, for providing this innovative form of therapy.

AG, Grass Valley, CA