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About Your Session

Past Life and Spiritual Regression:


Higher consciousness selects what past life or lives to show you and they are always relevant to the life you are living now. This hypnosis technique can provide insights not only into past lives, but also future lives, parallel lives, and other dimensions if it is beneficiary for you to understand their lessons and purpose at this time. Spiritual regression provides the opportunity to verify your own immortality and multidimensionality, explore non-physical reality, and life between incarnations. 

When we figure out possible spiritual lessons, we break karmic bonds by working on causes rather than effects - Ted Andrews


   How to prepare for a session:


  • As soon as you decide to have a session, set an intention of connecting with your higher self for information and healing. You can use an affirmation: "I am in clear communication with my higher self." Connect with your intention for the session daily, and find time for a quiet reflection or meditation.​


  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and stimulants such as caffeine for optimal results at least the day of the session.


  • All sessions are strictly confidential. Please come to your session alone.


  • The session includes interview, hypnosis, and a post discussion of your session. 


  • ​Following your session it is important to drink water. Make sure you get plenty of rest so that you can integrate and process your experience.




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